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This Week,upcoming holiday, SFX & Musician news!

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Hey guys,

I haven’t made huge leaps and bounds at this moment in time due to a number of factors. Currently it’s a hard time for a few of our team members which means that production for a week or so will be slow, however it will pick up pace. Some of the design for the new mini game and base will need to be discussed which I am hoping to do today as I will be going on holiday next week until 14th April, hopefully returning to work on the 15th April if my sleeping pattern is in order, but no longer than the 16th. The reason is because I will be travelling to the USA for just under 3 weeks to visit family and attend a wedding, also its a much needed holiday for both my partner and myself.

The total travel time is 24 hours which includes jumping on three different flights. During the time we are away Malcolm will be staying at my place to look after our cats and watch our flat whilst we are away, but he will still be making progress on the artwork that still needs to be done, during this time he will also be making design decisions that need to be made and handling some of the PR. His main focus will be working on the base game alongside Alex and getting it to a higher quality with some more features. With Steven he will be working more in a designer sense until Steven is ready for artwork, that’s not to say Malcolm will not be preparing art work, but first and foremost we want to get a properly working prototype tested before we begin art implementation.

I will be contactable by all members of the team whilst I am away so any decisions or opinions I will be able to give whilst on my holiday. I plan to work more on our potential future projects whilst thinking of other additional ways we can improve this game without delaying the release too much, but adding enough substance.

In other news Garry will also be leaving to go to USA however his is related to Music so we have had to cut down some Garrys work. The only things that will be left once Garry leaves will be SFX for the new game and the base game. All music has been covered by Garry ensuring that our music is consistent. In terms of SFX all the SFX for Monster Mayhem are nearly complete except a few small tweaks, the air balloon game is also ready to go.

We are looking for a skilled SFX Artist, potentially who could do music for trailers or other things if required. We are really only looking for a graduate or someone who has a strong portfolio and is not looking for payment up front, but instead a certain percentage. Money should not be the focus of the applicant, instead it should really be about filling up their portfolio. The game is nearing completion but still has some work left to complete, and you will be credited alongside Garry for your work on the game when we commercially release the game for free on iOS & Android and potentially other platforms. This is also a great opportunity to showcase your skills and talents in order to work on our next game. Make sure that if you are interested to email us at and make sure to inform us that you have read this message, so that we know you are aware of whats required.

Returning from my holiday we will be doing the final pushes to get this game ready and to release it, a lot of work will be carried out by the entire team to ensure that we have a fun high quality product ready for release. I will also begin drawing up plans and potentially a prototype for our next project as we move forward and only after Little Monsters’ Grand Adventure work is complete.

Thanks for reading, I will make another post when I return, but until then stay tuned folks!


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