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Hey guys,

So I returned a few days ago and we have discussed what’s going to be happening moving forward, as our programmer Steven will now be undertaking a part time position within our Indie project as he now has a job. So whilst things are going to be a little slower than we like, we will still be working hard on the game to get it out as soon as possible, but not at the expense of reducing our vision or the quality of our game. We will however have to be as economical as possible.

This frees up time for Malcolm and I, and whilst we have plenty of time with this project, we also agreed to start the foundations on our next project together so its ready in prototype form when our game releases. Little Monsters’ will always be our top priority up to release and after in terms of insuring patches are made based on global feedback. We have every intention to continue supporting this game with content updates, as long as people enjoy the game.

Our Composer and SFX artist Garry is leaving after finishing up the remaining SFX for Monster Mayhem and all the music. However that means we need to find someone else to do the remaining SFX and potentially some trailer music. If that someone is you and you want to portfolio experience and percentage cut then please contact us at

Moving forward we are on our final mini game, and working on the final version of the base game, so the end is in sight. We will be working towards our next game but only when we have free time and resources to do so.

Thanks for reading folks


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