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Main game update

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Alex here,

Since Darius was out for a period it gave me a chance to catch up on a few bugs and tweaks that needed work. I also managed to put in quite a few more dynamics. All of the biomes have something going on.

Work on the shop slowed down a bit. Most of it has been set up but Darius is the one coming up with what is going in them so production on that will start again soon.

The pets are all doing well. Daycare now sets all your pets to average and gets rid of poo over time.

I am currently having an incredibly annoying time programming some leaf dynamics. It is hard to get a leaf to seem to fall realistically with occasionally gusts that manage to keep them from up and moving.

That’s basically everything on my end of the programming. Steven should still be working on the third game. Hopefully we will get to see some game play soon.

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