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Hey guys,

This week for me, was all about improvement of the base game and making the base game and mini games more connected. We feel this will bring better connection and context to the entire game.

Please note that coins are a currency within our game that is easy to earn whilst playing our game such as playing mini games, looking after the pets correctly and more.

We are having multiple food items you can get in game, which depending on the coin price will make it more high quality and worth while, this means we have more variety. If  you run out of coins, don’t worry, they are really easy to earn and you can always use the free food, but remember the quality is not so good.

Cleaning is another important one, we want ways in which you can upgrade your equipment so that the pet gets cleaner faster and stays like that for longer.

A thing that has always annoyed me was making sleep more important, so the changes we make there mean that if you don’t put your pet to sleep its going to cause issues, we are also looking at ways to expand it, however we don’t feel this is as necessary as the others and we don’t want to put anything in half assed for the sake of it. If it works great!

Whilst through testing the general feedback for our User Interface was positive in the sense that people understood it, we are planning on taking it a step further. We are playing around with the idea of more effectively presenting information to the player without changing to much of what is working now. Plus a general overall to make it that much more nicer looking.

Tying into the mini games, we plan to have how your pet feels in relation if you keep it fed, clean and energized. If you don’t you will experience slight debuffs to your minigame, which means you will enjoy the experience that you usually expect but things will be slightly harder, the same also applies if the pet is looked after well. Play to much of the same pet in a mini game, eventually its buffs will turn to debuffs, and you can continue to push it, but you could lose some affection.

As well as these plans I had a chance to see both Alex & Stevens progress, both are doing well and we believe that both will finish roughly at the same time. If not, we always have plenty of bug testing and polishing that could get started early.

Malcolm and I  have been discussing how the new changes affect the art and we have consulted each other on both art and design to ensure what we are doing is great but also economical.

We still have plenty of work to complete, but we are pushing as ever to get this game closer to the goal of finally finishing and releasing.



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