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Changing Plans

Alex here,

Last post I mentioned getting sidetracked from combining the Air Balloon mini-game with the main game because I received some new items to add. Last week I got them in to the game to a point where you could look at them and purchase them in the shop. I was hoping to get back to combining the mini-game but priorities have changed. So this week I will be adding more features related to the new items and the interfaces (such as biome UI) that go with them.

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100 Followers & Short Designer update

We recently reached 100 followers on WordPress. Thank you to everyone who has followed us thus far. We always strive to make sure this website is a good source of information, not only about the game, but the company and the people behind it. If you have any suggestions about how to make it better, please let us know.

This week I focused on PR, working with Steven and working on some additional cards. Which are currently just under the 100 mark. I really hope we can implement these into the game as I think it would be a good addition, allowing users to collect them and earn them as part of a reward for completing mini games, or quests (if we implement quests). Some cards have yet to be made, but this will be added in when the appropriate art work is in place.

As we move into next week Malcolm and I will be restricted in our progress in the game due to a friend visiting us this weekend for a week. Of course, we will return to normal a week on Monday.

Moving forward we plan to fix and potentially update or re-skin the UI for the new features we implemented to make the base game better. Then further work to implement the final 4 backgrounds and dynamics into the game. Meanwhile we will have a discussion about the final mini game, especially in the way of AI. Once AI is implemented we will be running a little prototype test to determine how fun the game is and changing and testing before throwing all of our efforts onto it.

Stay tuned!


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One Step Closer


This week, I added some wee things to the game. including interaction with collectibles and other map elements; I also added some UI elements to support/ inform the interaction, including progress bars and a counter to show how much you have.

In terms of the immediate future, a discussion on the direction of the game is planned in order to clarify the priorities of development and ensure a smooth implementation of features.

Will keep you all posted,


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Another short update

Alex here,

I had to hold off on combining the mini-game to the main game. I received the art for some new items and spent my time adding them to the main game. I made a few changes on the background dynamics as well.

Hopefully nothing too exciting happens so I can keep posting short updates.

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Bugs & Changes

During the end of last week, due to the changes Alex implemented spawned a lot of issues for the Air Balloon game so I spent a lot of time one day just going through everything and writing an extensive bug/changes report. I am happy to report that yesterday during my play through I didn’t come across any bugs.

I have redesigned the Air Balloon Game Over screen to give the player better options and notify them when they have beat a new score. We also have an idea how the prizes will be distributed to players. The game over screen should carry over to the other mini games albeit slightly altered based on the games individual needs.

We recently heard about a large broadcasting channel in the UK, which is aiming to help Scottish mobile developers, we emailed them, however its not began yet. Hopefully we hear some news regarding this soon as it would be interesting to hear what they have to say.

I spent quite a bit this week trying to PR. We nearly have 100 followers on wordpress which is amazing. I’ll keep you posted when we hopefully reach the big 100.

So between now and my next post. I hope to get some testing done, plan the score, multiplier changes to Air Balloon game and push towards getting the Air Balloon game tied up in general. We also have some work to finish up for the base game which includes new additional food and cleaning stuff.



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AI? More like buhbai, LOL jk.

Hey guys,

This week I have been looking at how best to implement the AI for the treasure hunt game. the following is a basic summary of what I currently expect our AI to display, please bare in mind that this is preliminary:

– “sight” – some npcs will act like they are deaf, i.e they can see you if your infront of them; but wont know your right behind them

-“sound” – some will hear you when your close to them. they will travel to the origin of the sound (not 100% on this, if we have a stealth move option; might be overcomplicating it for this game though.)

-chasing – npcs will chase the player after they detect them; this will vary depending on if they are using sight or sound to identify the players location

– can’t travel between zones (3 zones in one level, enemies stay in the zone they started)

– patrolling? – depending on how simple it is to implement i might throw it in just to see how it feels in the game; for startes i could simply tell it to pick 2 points on the map and run between them until an intruder(player) is found.

Now, having thought about this a lot in the recent past, it is becoming more and more clear that the requirements for the AI of this game is really dependant on the rest of the game; as such I am thinking it would be best to develop it last; after all the other mechanics have been fully implemented. Right now, we have a few too many variables and unanswered questions in the gameplay. Even so, the work done now is not for nothing; we can revisit it near the end of the games development and even feel like we got a wee head start ^^

Anyway thats all from me for this week. next week Ill more than likely be tampering with the lighting/ player some more.

Have a nice week guys,