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Splitting my efforts

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I am back to working on both the main game and the air balloon mini-game I was working on before. The reason I am back to working on the mini-game is because We have all the pets done. At the time I had stopped working on it we only had about 2/3 of the pets done.

Saving is up on the main game as well so there is a good chance that we will soon start combining the mini-game into the main game.

The main game will actually have to remove some things I tried making work on the map. Game Maker is throwing out errors for attempting to reference an object that does not exists in that room. Totally reasonable and acceptable except for one small thing. That object is not referenced or used at all unless you enter  specific room (not the room throwing the error). It is probably confusing a pointer some how but since I cannot fix the error on my end all the code in question has to go.

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