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AI? More like buhbai, LOL jk.

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Hey guys,

This week I have been looking at how best to implement the AI for the treasure hunt game. the following is a basic summary of what I currently expect our AI to display, please bare in mind that this is preliminary:

– “sight” – some npcs will act like they are deaf, i.e they can see you if your infront of them; but wont know your right behind them

-“sound” – some will hear you when your close to them. they will travel to the origin of the sound (not 100% on this, if we have a stealth move option; might be overcomplicating it for this game though.)

-chasing – npcs will chase the player after they detect them; this will vary depending on if they are using sight or sound to identify the players location

– can’t travel between zones (3 zones in one level, enemies stay in the zone they started)

– patrolling? – depending on how simple it is to implement i might throw it in just to see how it feels in the game; for startes i could simply tell it to pick 2 points on the map and run between them until an intruder(player) is found.

Now, having thought about this a lot in the recent past, it is becoming more and more clear that the requirements for the AI of this game is really dependant on the rest of the game; as such I am thinking it would be best to develop it last; after all the other mechanics have been fully implemented. Right now, we have a few too many variables and unanswered questions in the gameplay. Even so, the work done now is not for nothing; we can revisit it near the end of the games development and even feel like we got a wee head start ^^

Anyway thats all from me for this week. next week Ill more than likely be tampering with the lighting/ player some more.

Have a nice week guys,



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