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During the end of last week, due to the changes Alex implemented spawned a lot of issues for the Air Balloon game so I spent a lot of time one day just going through everything and writing an extensive bug/changes report. I am happy to report that yesterday during my play through I didn’t come across any bugs.

I have redesigned the Air Balloon Game Over screen to give the player better options and notify them when they have beat a new score. We also have an idea how the prizes will be distributed to players. The game over screen should carry over to the other mini games albeit slightly altered based on the games individual needs.

We recently heard about a large broadcasting channel in the UK, which is aiming to help Scottish mobile developers, we emailed them, however its not began yet. Hopefully we hear some news regarding this soon as it would be interesting to hear what they have to say.

I spent quite a bit this week trying to PR. We nearly have 100 followers on wordpress which is amazing. I’ll keep you posted when we hopefully reach the big 100.

So between now and my next post. I hope to get some testing done, plan the score, multiplier changes to Air Balloon game and push towards getting the Air Balloon game tied up in general. We also have some work to finish up for the base game which includes new additional food and cleaning stuff.



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