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Artist Update 019 – Treasure Hunter Ultimate!

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The third and final mini game is well under way. Steve has has made some great progress and the games really coming together nicely.

This games art is using Game Makers built in tiling system, which is a first for me but its pretty straight forward stuff, and the heavy lifting seems to be on Stevens side. You basically make a sheet of tiles all the same size and the code finds the correct tile, and puts it in the game. So Steven handed me his place holder (Pictured Below) and explained how I should layout my replacements and their variations.


Using this as a template I put in new art. Tile type in rows and tile variations in columns:

Treasure hunt Tile Set WIPV3

There are some tiles still to be completed as you can see, the Trap tile and the Darkness, mainly because we hadn’t 100% designed them yet and I’m juggling some main game stuff with this.

The Ancient Ruin is just one of the themes that will be in Treasure Hunter, another one we have decided on is a futuristic theme, with white walls and floors, and perhaps security beams? We will see. 🙂

Stay Tuned.

Author: Malcolm Ireland

Lead artist at Alpha Revolver Games.

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