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Hi folks,

So the last couple of posts I have made about design has been through Alpha Revolver Games account rather than mine. This is because it’s easy to forget you are logged into the wrong account.

As Malcolm said below the third and final mini game is well underway. A lot of things have changed from the original design document and after my recent rewriting of the design document, I can really see the contrast. All the team members have been great at influencing the design, and that’s important. Not only does everyone feel more invested in it, but they challenge your ideas and make some really great suggestions that make it into the game.

A lot of time when Steven has been working I work alongside him, he explains his code his mindset and we discuss potential ideas in relation to design and he gives me programmer feedback.

A couple of major points of the game still have to be discussed and confirmed. We have ideas for enemies and traps, but it’s all relative to having a discussion about it. That being said we are pretty confident in our choices and we are sticking to our goals of fun, repayable and accessible.

I am really excited for the themes, I’m in two minds about making them slightly differ in terms of traps or enemies on a mechanics standpoint, however it might be more beneficial to have all of the traps and enemies in all of the games.

We are approaching the time to begin uploading our game.exe for people on forums and websites to try and give feedback. Some little tweaks need to be made to the game just in terms of balance and the way things work and potentially some SFX. This feedback will be fantastic for us, and it will allow us to adjust for balance changes, find out whats fun, what’s not fun and fix it accordingly. If you would like to test our executable’s then make sure to keep an eye on this site.

The base game is coming along great, as we finish wrapping up the foods, all that’s really left is for Alex to give them certain values. We still need to get Malcolms version of the store, but right now he is working on the last 4 areas, 2 of which are complete already. We still have plenty of dynamics to add to the game, which will make all the areas seem so much more alive.

I have written up documents for cards, achievements and quests, for the most part all the cards that I can finish have been finished, now I just need to wait for more assets before I can make the last of them. I have written achievements and still need to write quest ideas, but we know how they are going to work. We hope to get these three features into the game, because it will add a lot.



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