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Hey guys,

Just an update to let you know how we are getting on.

Malcolm finished up the rest of the backgrounds before he went on holiday, now hes returned to finish up his final draft of the last background, which is pretty much ready. Next Malcolm will be working on dynamics and interface.

Alex is now working on the card display prototype, which he should have ready to demonstrate to us this week.

Steven and the rest of us had a big discussion about finalizing the direction of the AI and how it would work in this game, The outcome was great. Originally we planned to have wandering AI, which would chase the player if it saw them, the player could take sharp turns or use an ability to lose the. The enemies top speed was higher than the players, but it had to accelerate.

Now we have stationary AI, which will power up if the player comes near them, during a power up the player cannot do anything but run. After a very short power up the enemy will chase the player until it runs out of charge, at which point it will stop, and begin recharging. This gives the player a chance to deactivate the AI. However in later tiers it might not be possible to deactivate AI. Also you do not have time to go about deactivating all of the AI. The player has to be careful on the way back that they haven’t made it more difficult for themselves to get out, by leaving a recharging AI in a place it will catch them.

However we weren’t happy that you had nothing to worry about other than stationary threats, so we are introducing a drone. The drone is an enemy that will patrol an area and if it finds you then it will try an alert the nearest stationary AI if its in range. This way you don’t know if it managed to activate an enemy or not. The drone does more, it also follows the player, but its really slow, if you manage to lose it then at least it wont activate the nearest stationary AI if its in range. It also grants the AI slight buffs, so having a drone catch you is a dangerous thing. However if you are smart you will be able to avoid it and if it does catch you, and you lose it, it will return to patrolling. The drone cannot be stopped, nor will it be able to apprehend you.

This new change to the AI allows for much more tactical play and mechanics to be introduced, and you still have the threat of a patrolling enemy to worry about, whilst trying to avoid or overcome traps.

Garry is soon going to be rendering the final pieces of music for our areas, which we look forward to!

I spent this week working with Alex and coming up with some short mobile projects that we can start to undertake after this, whilst working on our next venture.

Thanks for tuning in folks,


Author: Alpha Revolver Games

Alpha Revolver Games is an Independent Gaming company from Scotland, UK which is currently in development of their first game Little Monsters' Grand Adventure.

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