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Designer Update

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Last time I posted, I posted under Alpha Revolver Games as I felt both my design work and what was happening at ARG tied in.

This weeks focus is going to be working on Air Balloon score interface. We want to make sure that the score is easy to read for players during the frantic game play. These changes are very minor and are just finial bits of polish to add onto the game before we get further testing feedback.

I will be working closely with each team member as they progress through the final elements of our game, from Steven with the treasure hunt game, to Alex who is working on the card & shop system, as well as the general changes to the base game. Malcolm will hopefully begin working on the art work for the dynamics and interfaces for what Alex is working on.

I will continue doing some PR work ready for points of discussion within the game with the team members.

Whilst we aren’t moving at the fastest pace in the world, we are making steady progress much of what can be done with design is complete until we are ready to put our mini games out for testing and as we come to various subject matter during group discussions about if what I have outlined is going to be the best possible way to do things. The team members usually have great ideas, that mean we can still get what we want but it adds some more diversity. For example the AI for treasure hunt game that I discussed a while back on the blog.

Thanks for tuning in folks.


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