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Testers needed! Air Balloon Game

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Hey guys,

As Alex said below, we are currently looking for testers for our Air Balloon Game. To make things a little easier and because we have a new version I thought I’d link the download file directly here. Windows may bring up a warning, this is because its a Game Maker executable. If you wish to try it out you must click “show” and then “run anyway

Little Monsters’ Grand Adventure is a pet simulation game. The Air Balloon is a mini-game that will be a part of our main game. While we call it a mini-game it is similar to other full length games of its type. The difference being that stats and things you do outside of this mini-game can influence this games difficulty.

Now with the Air Balloon Game, please keep in mind that its in Beta, and you may experience some bugs. If you do then great, it means we get to iron those out before release. If you come across a bug or error, even if you are unsure let us know. The things we are looking for when you find bugs include

  • Screenshot of the bug (if possible) or even the error code if you got one.
  • What you where doing when you got the bug, and even your opinion on why you think it happened
  • Did you manage to recreate the bug
  • What did the bug actually do

You can email your bugs to we appreciate it!

A few important points to note

  • Please remember this is beta, so things can change, feedback is of course a big factor to changes in the game.
  • Even though it’s currently set up for PC, its intended for smartphones and tablets. The game will be touch based.
  • Please don’t share this on other websites, unless its to promote our post rather than our game. This way people can read over our guidelines.
  • A part of this game in particular is affected on how well you look after your pets in the base game. As the games are not joined together yet the best way to replicate this was to give different pets debuffs. We recommend that you play the game with the Dragon Pet first. However the debuffs are important make sure to try that out too! The debuff’s are caused by the pet being hungry, unclean or tired.
  • If you come across a bug or complete it but want to try again you can press “R” to restart it rather than reopening it.
  • Our target audience is broad, but it will be suitable for children whilst keeping adults in mind.

The kind of feedback we are looking for includes but not limited to

  • What did you like, what did you dislike
  • How can we improve
  • Did you know what to do, was the interface understandable?
  • What your opinion is on music, art and gameplay?
  • The game is intended to be replayable do you feel like you could play this again?

Please feel free to post your feedback here via a comment, or if you would prefer to email us

Thank you so much for your assistance.


P.S We are aware of a bug that stops the blacking out animation when the pet is tired after the first time its shown.

Author: Alpha Revolver Games

Alpha Revolver Games is an Independent Gaming company from Scotland, UK which is currently in development of their first game Little Monsters' Grand Adventure.

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