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Alex here,

First up, we are still looking for more testers in case you didn’t notice the other posts. The air balloon mini-game’s file is here.

This file is a step behind the current version. The current version has some of the visuals modified for debugging because I made a significant but non-visible change and Darius did not want you guys having to deal with any confusion the debugging information might cause.

The big change I made is basically how the levels are handled. early on in the project I was  not really sure how different the levels would be and what capabilities would be needed. So, every level had it’s own object button and its own room. Since the game is basically done I have had the luxury of being able to change all that. We have one level button and one level room and have a few arrays to handle all of the specific level information. So, we went from having 21 rooms and objects down to having 1 room and 1 object. It helps shrink the file size down just a bit.

Darius is not sure if the  stink effect is immediately clear. Give us some feedback if your not sure what it does. I feel that sitting down for one game you may notice the difficulty change but not know the cause or how significant it is simply because there is a lot of information. Once you are familiar with the game though I feel there is an incredibly large contrast between playing a normal game and playing a game with a stinky pet or any of the other negative effects for that matter.

This week is more dynamics and hopefully getting more information on what we are adding to the shop.

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