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Consistency and Rewarding the player

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One of our downfalls between the base game and mini game, is consistency with icons that we have used. We are evaluating which icons best fit for both versions and other mini games yet still show all the information we need to show with them. We are testing out different solutions and we plan to look at what else should be consistent. One important point we learned at university and this is actually quite obvious is not using to many different fonts so we will have to explore what is similar between both our main game and mini games and mini games with other mini games.

Rewarding the player is another one, we have consequences for not looking after your pet, and whilst light hearted and fun we feel that we didn’t do enough to reward the player in the mini games. What we plan to do is give you bonus’s for having a high affection rating but we plan to look into other exciting rewards,

The game overall is coming along nicely, I recently sent Garry a video showing his music in the third and final mini game (treasure hunt) and it comes together really nicely. We just need some small tweaks for looping and smoother transition in to our “hurry last 30 seconds” music.

Moving forward we are coming closer to finishing up the shop, the functionality with basic art is there, but Malcolm’s art for it is nearly finished and we need to make some tweaks to functionality based on the art style, but it, for the most part is really similar to what we have. Then after this we can begin work on the card system. During the time that’s getting implemented we will begin drawing up plans for a potential player profile page, which keeps tracks of pets, achievements e.c.t



Author: Alpha Revolver Games

Alpha Revolver Games is an Independent Gaming company from Scotland, UK which is currently in development of their first game Little Monsters' Grand Adventure.

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