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Designer Update

Hey guys,

The last wee while I’ve been working on a very large document which is the new evolution of our design document. This is the final version of our document, and once I finish wrapping it up, no more major changes will be made. However if we do make any small changes, they will all be discussed with the team and reviewed to make sure it fits into the design before being placed in the document.

The reason for this is for productivity and to make sure everyone is again laser focussed on the design and what is required. Its also up to date, so its a great thing for the team to have as part of their portfolio if showing off the game to an employer or if we make another game to prove to publishers or investors that this was what is involved. Apart from Design, it covers stuff about the company, how the game differs from other competition, our project goals and our growth from when we first started.

As I come to the conclusion of writing up this document, we will all be assessing and discussing the document in a large group meeting to make sure everyone’s on board and then to add any final ideas, thoughts or suggestions to the game.

Apart from document work and working with the rest of the team on the their individual work sections, I will be attempting to make postcards for the game. These postcards are really just a way for the player to buy a new area with the coins they can earn in game. Then I will continue working on any additional cards I can add in with the current assets we have available.

Thanks for reading guys,


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Artist Update 021 – Shop Graphical User Interface

The Little Monsters Shop is finally coming together with the updated art. I’ve re-styled the interface to make it feel a bit more soft and friendly. It should feel like you are flicking through a scrap book of items for sale, changing category easily with the tabs on the left.


We’ve had a few discussions about how to display certain aspects of the shop. The green and red price tags for instance showing which items you can afford and which you cannot.

Some light functionality is in at the moment, with the ability to change tabs. The pages of each tab will be changed by swiping to the left or right to see more items of the respective category.

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon.