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Short Designer update

Hey guys,

This week we went through the document, but work still needs to be done. We are planning doing our video soon, as today Steven and I discussed putting abilities into the final mini game which is getting put in today.

As we move forward with the third and final mini game we will be putting art from Malcolm into the game, which hopefully he will begin tomorrow.

Once the abilities are in, we will be returning a pass over the enemies and traps and making sure that these are working and fit well into the game.

I’ll be flying to London for a long weekend, but when I return, I am hoping to get the team together for the video if the mini game is in a good state, as well as finalizing up the document and working alongside Alex.




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I finished up most of the re-coding for players being able to have all of their pets out at once. All I need to do to complete this is wait until it is decided how exactly we are going to change the daycare. Our initial build had it with all of the daycare slots in two rows in the middle of the screen with pets in the biomes in 4 slots along the bottom of the screen. We are debating between swiping to rotate through groups of 4 pets or  dividing it up into sections based on what pet type they are, so you would select earth pets and it would show what all of your earth pets are doing.

So as soon as that’s decided I can finish up and move on.

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Artist Update 022 – It’s a TRAP!

The Treasure Hunt minigame is coming together nicely. Recently I’ve been working on the Traps and Enemies that will stand between the player and the potential riches hidden within. We have designed a number of different traps all with different levels of hindrance each with specific mechanics ensuring varied game play and sufficient challenge.

Some of the traps I’ve drawn up so far are:

sludge“Sludge Spill” A patch of a tar like sludge that slows anyone who crosses it for a period of time.
smoke vent“Smoke Vent” A vent in the ground that when triggered by pressure, releases a cloud of vision obscuring smoke and gas.
pylon blog“Electricity Pylon”A beam of unstable electricity fires back and forth between the pylons, touching the beam results in being stunned for several second.
rune blog“Ability Runes” Glowing markings on the floor which absorb pet elemental energy. If you trigger this trap you’ll lose your abilities!
0005“Rooting Vines” A path of vines ready to grip whatever comes through their path, they have a tight grip but if you struggle hard you may break free!
trap door blog“Trap Floor” A weak tile that will break shortly after walking on it. if you’re still on the tile or return to the tile you’ll fall to the floor below!
Laser trap blog“Laser Sensor” A trip wire that will alert the patrolling enemies to your presence and location. Best to flee the area if you trigger this!

There will no doubt be changes and additions to these but this is what we have so far. Keep tuned in for more 😉


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We are all back from the holidays and resuming our work. As mentioned by others in previous posts we are updating the documentation to make sure we are all on the same page.

How it affects things on my end is pretty simple. Affection as a stat was clarified a bit more so some algorithms were changed.

It was also decided to make an adjustment on how we are going to handle the number of pets players can own. From the beginning, it was a firm decision that players could have up to 4 pets in biomes on the map screen and up to 11 pets in the daycare (players need at least 1 pet in a biome). This has been changed to allow players to have all their pets out of the daycare at once. So, I will be needing to re-code all of the map screen  code, a part of the shop and most the daycare with it possibly leaking into other aspects of the game.

Time consuming but not to hard. While I am doing that the documentation should get finished up, at that point we only have a few things left that need to be finished on my end.

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Steps to release

Hi folks,

We took a couple of weeks off over the Xmas & New Year period to spend some much needed time with friends and family. Now we have returned to form as Steven has mentioned below.

Much of the document we have been working on is near finished and I am working on formatting and checking over content. Once this has finished, we will all collectively look over the document and it will be complete. Should any changes arise we will consult the document and one another to see how the change affects the rest of the game and what the advantages and disadvantage are of such things.

The treasure game is getting worked on just now by both Steven in a programming sense & Malcolm in an artist sense, but both are pitching in with design thoughts. We have some more content to add before we would like to do a video demonstration of our game like we did with the Air Balloon & Monster Mayhem, and then as the game becomes more stable and has more art assets and features we will begin rolling out tests.

Meanwhile we will all be testing the functionality of the base game to make balance changes to stat’s and continue working on some small shop tweaks. Once the shop is complete we will move on to the card system and then the player profile.

We will go over the Base Game and look at ways we can improve the UI, the functionality and most importantly how fun and interesting it is for the player. We still have some dynamics to add to the areas as well.

Once this is complete we will test the game, tweak or change the game based on feedback and then test again. We will repeat this process to we have a fun and high quality product that people understand. We will then begin to link the base game and mini games up, add save functionality and then again keep testing and tweaking.

Once we are happy we will begin to port it over to iOS & Android, test again and then release.

We are still needing to find an SFX artist who would be willing to do a couple of short tracks. If you or anyone you know would be interested please email


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The Final Stretch

Hi Guys: Steven here with another quick update.

We at Alpha Revolver Games hope that you all had a great holiday season, and you accomplish your goals in 2016. Now that the holiday season is over, we’re going straight back into full time work on LMGA.

It’s been a long road for all of us here: we’d be the first to admit it’s been a bit longer than we would have liked, but that only makes us more determined to smash it out the park when we release the game later this year.

There is still a lot of work to do, but we are confident that we will be able to get the game and its mini games out for testing in the coming months. From there, we will be focusing on fine tuning the experience and porting it to our target platforms.

For us, 2016 is the year that our work pays off. At the very least we will be able to say that we have completed a truly mammoth undertaking; best case scenario, this game will serve as a foundation for us to pursue further projects.

Either way, 2016 will be the year that defines ARG and its future.

Stay classy,