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We are all back from the holidays and resuming our work. As mentioned by others in previous posts we are updating the documentation to make sure we are all on the same page.

How it affects things on my end is pretty simple. Affection as a stat was clarified a bit more so some algorithms were changed.

It was also decided to make an adjustment on how we are going to handle the number of pets players can own. From the beginning, it was a firm decision that players could have up to 4 pets in biomes on the map screen and up to 11 pets in the daycare (players need at least 1 pet in a biome). This has been changed to allow players to have all their pets out of the daycare at once. So, I will be needing to re-code all of the map screen  code, a part of the shop and most the daycare with it possibly leaking into other aspects of the game.

Time consuming but not to hard. While I am doing that the documentation should get finished up, at that point we only have a few things left that need to be finished on my end.

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