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Artist Update 022 – It’s a TRAP!

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The Treasure Hunt minigame is coming together nicely. Recently I’ve been working on the Traps and Enemies that will stand between the player and the potential riches hidden within. We have designed a number of different traps all with different levels of hindrance each with specific mechanics ensuring varied game play and sufficient challenge.

Some of the traps I’ve drawn up so far are:

sludge“Sludge Spill” A patch of a tar like sludge that slows anyone who crosses it for a period of time.
smoke vent“Smoke Vent” A vent in the ground that when triggered by pressure, releases a cloud of vision obscuring smoke and gas.
pylon blog“Electricity Pylon”A beam of unstable electricity fires back and forth between the pylons, touching the beam results in being stunned for several second.
rune blog“Ability Runes” Glowing markings on the floor which absorb pet elemental energy. If you trigger this trap you’ll lose your abilities!
0005“Rooting Vines” A path of vines ready to grip whatever comes through their path, they have a tight grip but if you struggle hard you may break free!
trap door blog“Trap Floor” A weak tile that will break shortly after walking on it. if you’re still on the tile or return to the tile you’ll fall to the floor below!
Laser trap blog“Laser Sensor” A trip wire that will alert the patrolling enemies to your presence and location. Best to flee the area if you trigger this!

There will no doubt be changes and additions to these but this is what we have so far. Keep tuned in for more 😉


Author: Malcolm Ireland

Lead artist at Alpha Revolver Games.

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