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This week was lots of work in the shop and daycare. I was asked to add in slots for an active party size and change how biomes were unlocked. Finished it up then it was decided to remove the slots since players will need to unlock biomes and we felt that was enough work and slots were not needed.

Adding the slots was was surprisingly annoying for something relatively simple. It introduced a few checks and loops that interacted with the existing array a bit ¬†weirdly. I’m happy to take it out since it makes other people able to understand that part of the code if anyone else does end up looking at it.

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Postcards WIP & Designer update

I had a meeting with Alex & Malcolm last week which outlined the changes to the care home, essentially the player can have additional slots, and look after as many pets as they desire. If the player wants to cut down the amount of pets they own, they can place those pets in a care home at the expense of affection, which is hard to earn. Essentially we are making changes to reflect this.

We plan to move onto finishing the shop afterwards which involves, adding in the purchase confirmation screen and the section to get rid of ads.

In light of finishing up the shop Malcolm and I agreed a while back that I would do some postcards, to help the art move along. So today I attempted to make four different postcards. They are technically work in progress as no doubt Malcolm with add some artistic magic to make them better, or maybe he won’t like them at all…

Nevertheless I decided I would upload what I worked on, for you folks to give me your feedback on them. When working on the post cards I wanted a unified feeling between the elements, so I coloured the text relative to another element. However to show the original element the postage stamp represents the element it belongs to.

This might appear to confusing, and I or Malcolm may colour the text to represent its own element as well. Really all I was going for was to have a small light thread of connection to the other elements to symbolize how important they are to each other.


postcard earth wip.pngpostcardair.pngpostcardfire.pngpostcardwater.png

Let me know what you guys think, it might turn out that all of this dramatically changes in the near future. So please keep in mind this is a work in progress.

Thanks for reading folks,