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One step back, Five steps forward

Hi there everyone.

This has been a long time in the making: I should have made this post a long time ago, but things have been pretty hectic for me lately.

At the end of January this year, I was presented with an offer I really couldn’t refuse. This was an offer to become an iOS consultant in London, allowing me to gain new skills, improve existing ones, and live comfortably at the same time.

As such, I have taken a step back from Alpha Revolver at this time.

Once things settle down for me and I get situated properly, I would like to contribute to the game again in some way: this could be simply as a consultant, or as a developer once more. That really depends on what everyone is comfortable with, and what’s feasible.

So that’s the situation at present. I would like to thank the team at Alpha Revolver Games for giving me the opportunity to be at part of their debut title.

I am looking forward to being able to use the skills I am gaining to help give back to the AR team, because at the end of the day, I wouldnt be where I am today without them.

Thanks again,


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Design Update

With the exception of some art and tweaks, the shop is nearly complete. Its come a long way since the original design concept I created, so that Alex could functionally program it in. With Malcolm’s art it looks better, and his more simple but elegant confirmation screen is more suiting to our style than we originally had. Our confirmation screen originally was going to include lots of additional information about what you have unlocked, but we have a more effective way to show this now.

We are also rounding up on the care home tweaks we are making, and that means soon we will be working on the finalizing the design and creating art for the card collection. Functionally its been programmed, but due to recent changes we want to revisit our design and make sure everyone’s on the same page. Apart from tweaks, based on discussion, all we will need is the art and then to implement it. All cards that can be completed, have been completed, but I will ask Malcolm to proofread over these with me to make sure that everything is perfect. Additional cards will be made when the art for the final mini game has been finished.

After the card collection interface, we will be talking about the player profile page & revisiting the pet screen user interface (where you look after the pet) Before moving on to finish the third and final mini game.

We are looking to do another big testing session, on all aspects of the game as well as a video showing our progression with the base game and our work in progress of our final mini game. Stay tuned folks!


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Artist Update 023 – Gone Shopping

Recently we’ve been working on fleshing out the shop. Finalizing the design, content and art. I am working through the final art for the content for sale in the shop, as well as finishing up the User Interface.

When you purchase an item from the shop a confirmation screen will pop up before coins leave your account. Here you can review what you are buying and change the quantity if you wish.

Confirmation screen

I’ve also been working on items, and have mocked up some card packs, which can be bought or won to increase your in-game card collection!

I’ve also created a gold card overlay animation. Gold cards are rare and harder to come across, only a hardened collector will manage to gather them all.
Magma Idle
I’ll be working further on more shop and daycare assets for the rest of the week. keep an eye out! 😉


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The main game is basically done. I am starting to go over the game Steven was working on to familiarize myself and get ready to finish that game as well. I expect to go back to the main game for tweaks and adding in art as it is completed.

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Quick Design Update

The postcards are done and are awaiting a final touch up by Malcolm. For now in terms of the shop and daycare we are just really waiting for Malcolm to get some assets completed so we can add them in and move onto the card system and other parts of the game. The postcards represent via the shop, which areas you can buy.

As Alex mentioned we made changes as to how our Daycare system worked, which makes it a lot more fluid and easy to understand for the player whilst retaining the idea of progression and choice. The player can unlock areas and easily distinguish between which areas they own and which they do not. The player can easily jump to an area with a pet inside via the Daycare. It also allows the player to choose and change between how many pets they would like to look after at one time. You can look after 1 pet or all 12, the choice is down to the player.

Once we get the art we can then move onto discussing the Card System which has been thought out but we would like everyone’s input. Once input is gathered we will change the prototype we have already to suit any new features and again its just a case of waiting for art to implement. I have completed a vast majority of cards that can be completed with the art we already have, and therefore its really just Malcolm to upload the user interface, the gold skin and any additional things we discuss for the card system.

Once the art is in I hope to talk with the guys about the idea of another video demonstration of the Base Game to showcase the new stuff and talk about any additional tweaks or changes.

Thanks for tuning folks,