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As you may have saw from Stevens post, he now has full time commitments elsewhere but we do need to stress that he is officially still on the project and will no doubt be contributing when he moves on from training and gets settled into work. The training sessions are far too hectic to allow Steven to be able to contribute, but they have nearly concluded.

This naturally lead to some discussion about what to do meanwhile, and to compensate for the fact that Steven will no longer be able to commit the hours he used to. As it stands Malcolm and I both agree that the game is far into development, but many things still need to be done.

Our to do list includes but not limited to

Content Wise – Things that must be done

Nearly Done

  • Daycare & Shop – This is nearly completed, with some assets and programming still need done, but for the most part its complete, really its just wrapping it up and getting it perfect
  • Base Game Tweak – We will need to tweak some of the icons to make sure they are consistent with our mini games. As well as add a few map icons and dynamics to our areas. This is a very small thing.

Still to work on

  • Card System– Functionally we have a version programmed, and we don’t imagine it will change too much, however tomorrow (Tuesday) we will be having a discussion to finalize the design based on Artist and Programming input. Much of the content has been completed, really its programming and User Interface that needs done. Additional content (cards) will be added other assets are made.
  • Options Menu – This should take no time at all, we plan to have few options, but is likely one of the last things we do.
  • Treasure Hunt Game – Whilst we have lots done on this game such as procedural generate dungeons, enemies and traps, we still need to do lots for this game. The enemies and traps still need work in terms of tweaks and touch ups. We also have some small side objectives, that have partially been implemented that need to be worked on. As well as balancing

Planned Content – Not our main priority but to be added before release

  • Player Profile Page – This is in concept stages, but should not take us long. We plan for it to include stats such as most used pet/favourite pet, how long you played the game, and best times and scores. Functionally and Art wise it should be relatively simple.
  • Achievements/Rewards/Quests/Dailys – We plan to add achievements and in terms of art it should be a quick process, in terms of implementing we need to work with iOS & Android systems in order to implement them. Then code from our game needs to connect to that. Rewards & Quests will be based within the game. Therefore this should be easier than the achievements to implement. The dailys are simple and really only require us to tie into the time on the users phone.

Technical – Needs to be done, not usually based on content

  • Testing – Loads of testing, on all different parts of the game. Once we have feedback on a build, we study that feedback, implement changes or tweaks and then test it again, and continue that until we are happy with peoples feedback.
  • Joining the Game together – All our mini games and base game are separate at the moment. We need to join them together into one project and test that whatever happens in the base game affects the minigames and vice versa so that it works the way we intended.
  • Saving – The game has to auto save, so that if the users phone turns off or exits the application it always backs everything up. We need to make sure this works effectively and this will be implemented after the games joined together smoothly.
  • Porting – The game will need to be ported to work on mobile phones, and loads of testing will be needed again to make sure that everything works the way we want. Once its ported and tested, we will submit our product to iOS & Android for release. Once iOS & Android are happy with it, it will appear on store and we will maintain it.

Misc – What the Designer & Artist will do when the technical side is worked on by the programmer.

A trailer – We will work on making a trailer for our game.

Short Intro– Just a video introducing the game.

PR Push – Get our game  versions to reviewers and previewers to discuss our game before release.

Once the content list has concluded and during the time we work on the technical side of the things, we will be looking for an SFX artist to do SFX for the base game and final mini game. All the music is completed for the game and the SFX for the Air Balloon and Monster Mayhem is complete. This will not take a long time to do, and is easily implemented.

It looks like a lot, and whilst it is, on the grand scheme of things, when you take the game as a whole its not. Content wise a lot of things are completed, but still we have stuff to do. Once the content has been completed its really just the technical side of things and building momentum for the game.




Author: Alpha Revolver Games

Alpha Revolver Games is an Independent Gaming company from Scotland, UK which is currently in development of their first game Little Monsters' Grand Adventure.

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