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In this post I thought I would describe the card system and outline what I worked on today.

As you play the game, you may win a pack of cards or you can purchase them with coins in the shop. Packs of cards come in different colours, offering more cards, or a guaranteed gold card. These cards are an in game collectible that offers the player some lore about a certain pet, area or item.

We believe we will have a good amount of cards on offer, with the card count currently sitting at 105. Additional cards will be created using art assets, that still need to be created, as we wrap up our final mini game.

So as you collect cards they will appear in the card collection, which is laid out like a book. You can flick through pages and click through tabs (which break down the categories) You then will be able to click on the cards individually to see it in full size.

We knew people would no doubt run into multiples of the same card, so what we decided to do was allow people to upgrade their card into Gold after having 5 of the same card. This is great for all the completionist out there. If you still have duplicates afterwards or aren’t interested in obtaining Gold versions, then you can scrap the cards earning a small amount of coins, however you will require to have one remaining. In some packs you may be lucky enough to get a gold version straight away. If it’s a duplicate you will get a little more money than if you scrapped 5 normal versions of the same card.

Today I worked on the wire frame, which breaks down the user interface for the artist and programmer, and allows us to collectively see all how it looks roughly before work goes into it. Tomorrow I’ll be wrapping up the main screen of UI and then moving on to what the screen will look like when you are zoomed into a card, scrapping it, or making it gold.

Stay tuned folks!



Author: Alpha Revolver Games

Alpha Revolver Games is an Independent Gaming company from Scotland, UK which is currently in development of their first game Little Monsters' Grand Adventure.

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