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The final drafts for our music, created by Garry Ferrier, are all completed and uploaded. So those are being added and adjusted.

It has been decided that the daycare is undergoing a few changes once again. We have an ongoing debate about what role the daycare fulfills. One one hand this is a pet game, we want the players to have a sense of responsibility, if everything is just handed to the player without any hardship then it does not have much meaning, no sense of accomplishment. On the other hand we want to avoid making things tedious. We don’t want to make the players work just for the sake of taking up their time.

Darius made a post recently about the Card System, I already have an initial framework set up for showing off the card collection, so all that is needed is adding the cards themselves as they are created. The actual process of getting the cards is the thing that is currently being worked on. I believe the current thought process is having purchasable card packs, possibly earning them when you unlock certain things in the game, and possibly rewards for accomplishing things in the mini-games.

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