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Artist Update 025 – Card Collection

Darius and I finally got round to designing the Card Collection screen. It’s a fairly simple, 3 tabs representing 3 category of card and 10 cards per page. Locked (missing) cards are face down and will become face up when found. Cards will be replaced by their Gold versions when you unlock them!Card Collection Screen (Layout)

You can unlock cards by playing the minigames, being good to your pets and buying card packs in the store:

Get collecting!


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Quick Design Update

Last week we had a meeting to discuss the card system wire frames. Now that we have come to an agreement Malcolm is working on the interface and Alex is making tweaks based on the discussion and we should have a card system in place soon.

Today I was going through the modules (base game & mini games) and listing all the little things that need tweaked and changed so we can work through those after the card system and player profile system is in place.

This week I’ll be working more on the player profile page wire frames and start to plan our next testing phase.

Thanks for tuning in folks,