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Game Update

It’s been a little while since we have updated, but we have still made progress. The game is now getting joined up, starting with the Base Game & the Air Balloon Mini game, this gives us a more solid testing foundation and we can see how the base game mini game match up. Both aspects still need improvements and more testing and joining them up will help us see that, as that will more closely represent the final game.

Malcolm and I went through all of his remaining bulk of Art work and listed it out. His aim is to complete the list by September. From then on its only art changes and art requests that we will need. This way we have the bulk of Art content out of the way.

We took some time off over the hot summer to recharge out batteries, moving forward, more work needs done on joining up the base game and air balloon game, its a hard task that causes a lot of errors and needs for fixes. Once we get those both to a happy state, we will work on the remainder of the third mini game to get that finished. We are still in the looking for a programmer so depending on if we get one or not will determine if we manage to squeeze some extra juice for the game or we wrap it up after the final mini game. If we don’t get a second programmer then we will release the game the way it was always intended, getting a second programmer only means additional features and tweaks since one would work on the rest of the mini game whilst the other made more additions to the base game. Hopefully we know over the next couple of weeks.