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New wave of Testing

Talking with Alex last night, I went over the work needed to be done for setting up a new batch of testing. In the document I outlined some important features the testing files needed, such as developer options that can tweak the game on the fly without the tester having to exit the game.

Everything will be getting tested, with a main focus on the Air Balloon Game, Monster Mayhem and the Base Game, but users will be able to see the card system, the shop, the daycare and even our current, early in development Treasure hunt game. Whilst the treasure hunt game needs a lot of work, its important to remember that we also still have work to do elsewhere, especially tweaks and changes to the Air Balloon, Monster Mayhem and Base Game based on feedback.

Once the files are ready they will be made into one executable, meaning testers won’t have to jump between our different modules. The main kind of tester we are looking for is a 1 to 1 tester via Skype. The tester must have Skype, a decent internet connection and ¬†Microphone. The tester will be sharing their screen as they play the game. If you aren’t able to do this, we will still have the file downloadable along with a small word document outlining some questions that will act only as a guideline.

When we have those files ready, I will let you guys know. Stay tuned if you are interesting in trying, for the first time the early demonstration of our game joined up.