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The last month

Hey folks,

The last month has been a bit crazy with joining up the base game and the two mini games for testing purposes. However, its a very valuable time investment because it means

  • Testers only have 1 file, rather than multiple to download
  • We learn how to join up our modules(mini games, base game) as they have been developed separate.
  • We see the effects of joining up the game such as data leaks and slow downs,
  • It allows the user to see the final picture and how the base game ties with the mini games more easily
  • Programming and art work can be done on joining module mechanics. Such as money or pack of cards received in a mini game, appearing in the base game.
  • Issues arising from having two programmers on board who may use different names for the same item in the game, causing the game to look like its bugged.

Alex and I have had a back on forth with him uploading versions, me testing it and sending back things to fix. Once we have no more issues it will be ready for public testing where we can get much valued feedback, not just on the mini games, and base game, but the game as a whole.

Malcolm has his list of art that he will be working on and once ready this will be added to the modules as we keep pushing forward. We are also currently testing out Steven to see how able he is to fit in some work on the third mini game when he is free.

We can’t wait to share what we have.


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SPU 11

I have combined 2 of the mini-games into the base game at this point. I am currently removing some debug code so testers are not cluttered by it. We still need a few art changes to make it clear you can do things like flip the page. A few things need to be tweaked since when they were separated things could be global. Now we do not want things like the Air Balloon music playing in the pet biomes.

The Mayham mini-game is a bit tricky since I was not the one who coded that and the person who did code it was in mid-optimization. So, it takes a bit of time to go through if any changes are wanted.


But it is all mostly done.