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SPU 12

Spent the past few weeks combining the mini-games into the main game. Fun fact about Game Maker- While it is really easy to import things from one project into a different project, it does not keep the organization. We have different groups for things like what is in a level, what is part of the UI, and things that handle score and such. I ended up with a list of 150+ items I had to reorganize. And some of the objects in one mini-game might have the same name as an object that does something completely different in the other game. We had things like petals in one game be replaced with the petal pet sprite from the main game, causing sprinkling leaves to turn into a screen full of petal pets falling.

It is all done now, back to adding features into the game and tracking down bug fixes. One more mini-game to finalize and begin to merge. Currently optimizing and adding features while Steven finishes up the mini-game.

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Artist Update 026 – Giving A Voice

Something that has been on the cards for a while now is giving the pets a way of communicating how they are feeling and what they like & dislike. We are implementing speech bubbles that will pop up now and again to let you know how you can better take care of a pet, specific to that pets likes and dislikes, wants and needs.

There are three different speech bubbles that will communicate in different styles. Here are those three types below. They will be filled with graphics like emoticons for mood and happiness, food and items for hunger and general needs, and mini-game icons for fun and boredom.

Also, The Daycare has been under review recently. I’ve designed some new buttons and lights for the Daycares area system. Light represent filled areas and the buttons will switch to the pets of that type currently in the Daycare


There’s plenty still to be done but its really coming together. Stay tuned for more updates from the other guys! 😉