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SPU 12

Spent the past few weeks combining the mini-games into the main game. Fun fact about Game Maker- While it is really easy to import things from one project into a different project, it does not keep the organization. We have different groups for things like what is in a level, what is part of the UI, and things that handle score and such. I ended up with a list of 150+ items I had to reorganize. And some of the objects in one mini-game might have the same name as an object that does something completely different in the other game. We had things like petals in one game be replaced with the petal pet sprite from the main game, causing sprinkling leaves to turn into a screen full of petal pets falling.

It is all done now, back to adding features into the game and tracking down bug fixes. One more mini-game to finalize and begin to merge. Currently optimizing and adding features while Steven finishes up the mini-game.

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SPU 11

I have combined 2 of the mini-games into the base game at this point. I am currently removing some debug code so testers are not cluttered by it. We still need a few art changes to make it clear you can do things like flip the page. A few things need to be tweaked since when they were separated things could be global. Now we do not want things like the Air Balloon music playing in the pet biomes.

The Mayham mini-game is a bit tricky since I was not the one who coded that and the person who did code it was in mid-optimization. So, it takes a bit of time to go through if any changes are wanted.


But it is all mostly done.

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SPU 10

Card stuff done just adding ways to earn the cards now.

A fairly similar image to Malcolm’s art update, but this is in the game working. Still need some kind of art/title instead of that ugly orange. Once we pick the font we will show the page numbers. We we also lose the save button, that is just there for some testing.

card screen

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The final drafts for our music, created by Garry Ferrier, are all completed and uploaded. So those are being added and adjusted.

It has been decided that the daycare is undergoing a few changes once again. We have an ongoing debate about what role the daycare fulfills. One one hand this is a pet game, we want the players to have a sense of responsibility, if everything is just handed to the player without any hardship then it does not have much meaning, no sense of accomplishment. On the other hand we want to avoid making things tedious. We don’t want to make the players work just for the sake of taking up their time.

Darius made a post recently about the Card System, I already have an initial framework set up for showing off the card collection, so all that is needed is adding the cards themselves as they are created. The actual process of getting the cards is the thing that is currently being worked on. I believe the current thought process is having purchasable card packs, possibly earning them when you unlock certain things in the game, and possibly rewards for accomplishing things in the mini-games.

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The main game is basically done. I am starting to go over the game Steven was working on to familiarize myself and get ready to finish that game as well. I expect to go back to the main game for tweaks and adding in art as it is completed.

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This week was lots of work in the shop and daycare. I was asked to add in slots for an active party size and change how biomes were unlocked. Finished it up then it was decided to remove the slots since players will need to unlock biomes and we felt that was enough work and slots were not needed.

Adding the slots was was surprisingly annoying for something relatively simple. It introduced a few checks and loops that interacted with the existing array a bit  weirdly. I’m happy to take it out since it makes other people able to understand that part of the code if anyone else does end up looking at it.

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I finished up most of the re-coding for players being able to have all of their pets out at once. All I need to do to complete this is wait until it is decided how exactly we are going to change the daycare. Our initial build had it with all of the daycare slots in two rows in the middle of the screen with pets in the biomes in 4 slots along the bottom of the screen. We are debating between swiping to rotate through groups of 4 pets or  dividing it up into sections based on what pet type they are, so you would select earth pets and it would show what all of your earth pets are doing.

So as soon as that’s decided I can finish up and move on.