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Artist Update 026 – Giving A Voice

Something that has been on the cards for a while now is giving the pets a way of communicating how they are feeling and what they like & dislike. We are implementing speech bubbles that will pop up now and again to let you know how you can better take care of a pet, specific to that pets likes and dislikes, wants and needs.

There are three different speech bubbles that will communicate in different styles. Here are those three types below. They will be filled with graphics like emoticons for mood and happiness, food and items for hunger and general needs, and mini-game icons for fun and boredom.

Also, The Daycare has been under review recently. I’ve designed some new buttons and lights for the Daycares area system. Light represent filled areas and the buttons will switch to the pets of that type currently in the Daycare


There’s plenty still to be done but its really coming together. Stay tuned for more updates from the other guys! 😉




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Artist Update 025 – Card Collection

Darius and I finally got round to designing the Card Collection screen. It’s a fairly simple, 3 tabs representing 3 category of card and 10 cards per page. Locked (missing) cards are face down and will become face up when found. Cards will be replaced by their Gold versions when you unlock them!Card Collection Screen (Layout)

You can unlock cards by playing the minigames, being good to your pets and buying card packs in the store:

Get collecting!


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Artist Update 024 – Wish you were here!

We’ve been looking over the areas of development recently. I’m working away on more shop content, additional UI and little bits and pieces required to bring everything together. Darius previously made some Post Cards, which are purchasable in the shop and unlock areas in the game. I’ve been revisiting the art and have edited them slightly for the final version. Here’s a few of them:

I’ve got plenty to be working on, so I’ll get back to it! Keep tuned in for more updates!


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Artist Update 023 – Gone Shopping

Recently we’ve been working on fleshing out the shop. Finalizing the design, content and art. I am working through the final art for the content for sale in the shop, as well as finishing up the User Interface.

When you purchase an item from the shop a confirmation screen will pop up before coins leave your account. Here you can review what you are buying and change the quantity if you wish.

Confirmation screen

I’ve also been working on items, and have mocked up some card packs, which can be bought or won to increase your in-game card collection!

I’ve also created a gold card overlay animation. Gold cards are rare and harder to come across, only a hardened collector will manage to gather them all.
Magma Idle
I’ll be working further on more shop and daycare assets for the rest of the week. keep an eye out! 😉


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Artist Update 022 – It’s a TRAP!

The Treasure Hunt minigame is coming together nicely. Recently I’ve been working on the Traps and Enemies that will stand between the player and the potential riches hidden within. We have designed a number of different traps all with different levels of hindrance each with specific mechanics ensuring varied game play and sufficient challenge.

Some of the traps I’ve drawn up so far are:

sludge“Sludge Spill” A patch of a tar like sludge that slows anyone who crosses it for a period of time.
smoke vent“Smoke Vent” A vent in the ground that when triggered by pressure, releases a cloud of vision obscuring smoke and gas.
pylon blog“Electricity Pylon”A beam of unstable electricity fires back and forth between the pylons, touching the beam results in being stunned for several second.
rune blog“Ability Runes” Glowing markings on the floor which absorb pet elemental energy. If you trigger this trap you’ll lose your abilities!
0005“Rooting Vines” A path of vines ready to grip whatever comes through their path, they have a tight grip but if you struggle hard you may break free!
trap door blog“Trap Floor” A weak tile that will break shortly after walking on it. if you’re still on the tile or return to the tile you’ll fall to the floor below!
Laser trap blog“Laser Sensor” A trip wire that will alert the patrolling enemies to your presence and location. Best to flee the area if you trigger this!

There will no doubt be changes and additions to these but this is what we have so far. Keep tuned in for more 😉


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Artist Update 021 – Shop Graphical User Interface

The Little Monsters Shop is finally coming together with the updated art. I’ve re-styled the interface to make it feel a bit more soft and friendly. It should feel like you are flicking through a scrap book of items for sale, changing category easily with the tabs on the left.


We’ve had a few discussions about how to display certain aspects of the shop. The green and red price tags for instance showing which items you can afford and which you cannot.

Some light functionality is in at the moment, with the ability to change tabs. The pages of each tab will be changed by swiping to the left or right to see more items of the respective category.

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon.