Alpha Revolver Games

Little Monsters’ Grand Adventure

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Little Monsters’ Grand Adventure?

Little Monsters’ Grand Adventure (LMGA) is the name for a game that is currently in development by Alpha Revolver Games, for mobile devices. LMGA is a 2D Pet simulation that allows players to collect, take care and play mini games with their pets. The player can unlock additional pets, customization items, new lands, mini games and additional content.

The game is currently in development for iOS and Android but is open to expanding into PC and Consoles. For more up to date information on the game make sure to check the Home Page and Twitter for regular updates on LMGAs developments progress.

What studio is behind the development of Little Monsters’ Grand Adventure?

ARGThe studio that is behind the development is Alpha Revolver Games. A Scottish based Independent Games Company. Alpha Revolver Games was founded in July 2013 by Darius Ilkhani and Malcolm Ireland. LMGA is the first title created by Alpha Revolver Games and development begun in July 2013 around the same time the company was founded. Alpha Revolver Games aims to deliver high quality Independent titles to multiple platforms. You can find out more about Alpha Revolver and even follow the development blog.

What is the main goal the development team had when conceptualizing Little Monsters’ Grand Adventure?

To make it fun! It sounds obvious, but it’s something we wanted to make clear. We make the game fun by ensuring our game has a high level of enjoyment through testing with various participants from different gaming backgrounds. Our interface is both easy to use and intuitive, our art style is visually appealing and our game is easy to pick up and play, but challenging and engaging enough to make sure a high level of game play whether you often play games or just play occasionally.

What makes it unique?

The most visually unique part about LMGA is its cell shaded art style. The goal with the art style was to create high quality 3D models with a cartoony, feel good style, which we believe we have achieved with LMGA. These 3D models are made into 2D sprite sheets. From the pets to the different areas they inhabit we feel we have brought a high quality visual that suits the style of the game.Fire-FireFluff-Grass

The team at Alpha Revolver Games, the studio that creates LMGA consists of four members, two of which have a Game Design degree. Therefore the team is really focused on User Centered Design.This means consistently receiving feedback and holding tests to make sure our game is fun and easy to pick up and play.

We plan to include, at launch, 3 high quality unique Mini Games that will offer different levels of difficulty to make sure it remains fun and challenging for everyone. At the time of writing our first Mini Game codename “Air Balloon Game”  is pretty much complete, our 2nd Mini Game code named “Party Game” is under development and our 3rd Mini Game “The Grand Treasure Hunt” will be begin development as soon as the Air Balloon development is complete.

Pilot Select

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When will Little Monsters’ Grand Adventure release?

Little Monsters’ Grand Adventure is designed to be built upon and an evolving experience. We have no official release date for LMGA.

What Platforms will Little Monsters’ Grand Adventure support?

Currently we are developing the game for iOS and Android devices. We have no information to share in regards to which devices will be able to support it, however that information will be made available as soon as we near the end of development. Quality is very important to Alpha Revolver Games so whilst we will try our best to support as many devices as possible, we will not release anything to a sub standard quality.

We do plan to expand into other platforms in the future, including other mobile devices, handhelds, consoles and even PC. However we have no information to share and our primary focus for the release of our game is iOS and Android.

Possible Features or Future Implementations

Apart for the more pets, minigames, customization options and new biomes,we want to include things such as evolution and online functionality


If you look after your pets well you will be able to evolve it and choose which evolution path your pet will take. Our evolution is all about discovery so we want players to explore various techniques to get the evolution they want.

Online Functionality

The ability to play mini games online or have a global leaderboard.

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