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The Team

Alpha Revolver Games is an Indie Games Company that was formed in Scotland, United Kingdom in 2013. ARG consists of five members who are currently in the process of creating their first game for iOS & Android for release in 2015. Whilst the focus at current is on mobile gaming the company hopes to expand their horizons towards more detailed, longer development time games for other platforms such as Steam and consoles.

alpharevolverbanner2Alpha Revolver Games is also in partnership with a gaming community website for gamer’s called Alpha Revolver. The community is also hoping to expand into being a hub for members to share their portfolio’s as there are a few talented artists, musicians, designers and programmers that Alpha Revolver Games would consider collaborating with. The team at ARG is always open to offers of collaboration and will consider any collaborative requests we receive.

malcolm Blog

Name: Malcolm Ireland
Age: 22
Degree: BSc Games Design
Team Roles:  Lead Artist, UI Designer & Game Designer

Malcolm has been playing games all his life and studying  them since he was 15. He has a passion for all creative arts and has great artistic ability, both in thought and in practice. Malcolm Achieved his HNC in Games Development at the age of 17 and graduated with a BSc Games Design from Glasgow Caledonian University  aged 20. He has since been making games professionally and hopes to work on many more creative projects.


Name: Darius Ilkhani
Age: 26
Degree: BSc Games Design with Honours
Team Roles:  Lead Game Designer, Director, Artist & PR Management

Darius began playing games, playing on his cousins Atari when he was three years old. He received his first ever console the Sega Mega Drive for his fifth birthday along with a copy of Sonic The Hedgehog. As time progressed he inherited a Sega Master System with Alex the Kidd pre-installed. In the later years he received a SNES, a Gameboy Pocket, all Playstation consoles including both handhelds a Nintendo 64, DS, 3DS, Vita Wii, Xbox 360, WiiU and a PS4. Darius still enjoys console and handheld gaming but also owns and plays on a high end gaming PC. Darius has always dreamed of making games . He used to write his own ideas and used to think of improvements he could make to those games. Being young and naïve most of those ideas would not just be possible.

Darius decided to pursue his dream of creating games and enrolled himself in College and then University after years of partying and immaturity after finishing high school.Darius’ interests include gaming and music, socializing and keeping up to date with all the news of the Gaming Industry. He hopes he can continue doing what he loves and believe strongly in the independent movement. Darius currently runs a gaming website called Alpha Revolver and a clan called The Daemon Army [TDA]. Alpha Revolver at the time of writing has just under 1000 members on the website who help make Alpha Revolver what it is. TDA’s biggest game is Guild Wars 2 which was founded by Darius and is led by a member of the community and has just under 500 members.

Name: Alex Bouvy
Arts and Technology
Team Roles: 

Alex likes to read books, lots of books. Despite this, he is a terrible writer and therefore decided to pursue his other favorite hobby which was gaming. Alex graduated from UT Dallas with a bachelor degree in the arts despite learning primarily programming with some 3d modeling and web design thrown in. Alex has converted to a PC gamer after being disappointed in the consoles that came after the PS2 and mostly plays League of Legends in his free time (until the book arrives in the mail). Alex is a fairly laid back person whose favorite phrase is “Don’t worry about it”.

Straw Hat

Name: Garry Ferrier
Age: 22
Degree: BA (Hons) Applied Music
Team Roles: Soundtrack Composer & SFX Designer

Garry started learning the guitar when he was 8 years old and has been writing and performing his own music ever since. In September 2009 he left his ‘choochy wee’ hometown of Inverness in order to brave the ‘big smoke’, Glasgow. For 4 years he studied Applied Music at the University of Strathclyde where he was awarded first class honours with distinction for his work in composition and sound production.

Garry is now active in several channels of Glasgow’s thriving music industry: he works as a studio engineer at Glo-worm Recording – recording and mixing high profile bands and artists from all over Scotland; he is on the brink of releasing his debut album and touring with his indie/folk band; but his primary focus is finding his feet as a composer/producer for TV, film and video games.

Listen to Garry’s Demo Reel
Follow Garry on Twitter @MapleTapeMusic

Stevens Profile Picture

Name: Steven Warren
Age: 22
Degree: BSc Games Design with Honours
Team Roles: Programmer & Designer

Since graduating from University with a Bsc (Hons) in Game Design, Steven has been steadily improving his craft, in an attempt to turn a theoretical Game Designer into a proficient Game Developer. It didn’t take long for Steven to realize that the difference between your average person and a Designer/Developer is not creativity or ideas; but rather, how one takes those ideas and translates them into compelling  and engaging entertainment.

As such, he began climbing the logical, iterative and procedural mountain that is Object Oriented Programming, specifically focusing on C#, in order to arm himself with a way to implement his ideas.

Steven felt that he has learned a lot as a result of managing his own projects, and even though his original prowess was in design, he made a point of expanding his skill set, while honing his design sense further. As for career aspirations, Steven firmly believes in the saying “if you enjoy your job, you never work a day in your life”; so this is, and will remain, his primary focus.

6 thoughts on “The Team

  1. Great,you guys have a very talented team and i’m sure you’ll be successful.Cheers)))

  2. Dear Malcolm and Darius,

    I’m Ian Champion, a superb video game voice actor with his own studio. I hope this finds you well and prosperous!

    I’ve just voiced the lead role of Dreadnought Edward Portsmith in AGE OF WONDERS III for Triumph Studios in Holland.

    Here is a link to a scene from my enigmatic Russian character ‘Kovac’ IN HOW TO SURVIVE (XBOX/PC). This is one of the tutorials where I explain how to survive the dangers on the island:

    My website, has all my other demo links as well.

    Please don’t hesitate to contact me. You’ll find me friendly and flexible. Thanks for considering me!

    (IAN CHAMPION – Word Champion Ltd)
    ~Actor/Voice Artist~
    UK mobile 07980 823163
    Tweet me @ianchampion1
    Skype: ianchamps

  3. Hi Guys,
    Came across your site, looks interesting. I live in Glasgow, but have a small startup company based in California. Working on 1 game now – beta launch coming in weeks, with several other ideas in the pipeline. Exploring possibilities for collaboration, both on current project and future projects. Would be interesting to learn more about Alpha Revolver.


    – zach

  4. Hey Guys,
    My name is Ray, from 360 China. Really glad to contact with you.

    We are No.1 publisher and Android platform in China, and right now we will developing Latin America and Southeast Asia Market, we will be No.1 platform in these market. So that’s why i am contact with you guys,we need some really great games.

    If you like to working with us, please contact with me.

    Hope can hear you back soon.


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